Saturday, June 30, 2018

Detectoring interrupted by thunder storm

June 29, 2018

Sometimes Mother Nature tells you when it's time to pack up and go home!  I have an app called "My Lighting Tracker" on my phone.   As I was out detecting the Flea Market it was giving me warnings by vibrating in my pocket and making alert sounds.  Of course I was keeping and eye on the sky as small anvil clouds moved in.  Since it was warm and humid I was OK being out as the rain started, but then it got heavy and I was glad I had the rain cover on my ACE 300 detector as I ran to the car.  I covered about 150 feet today while swinging wide, as usual I was stopping very few feet to dig something up.

I took this picture 20 minutes before the storm hit while I was taking a break.

And this is what the flea market looks like in full swing:
I stop by every week or so to study where the popular booths are, so I can increase my odds of finding dropped coins and items.

Today's finds are interesting.  As usual I'm not showing modern coins, but I got $1.45 today.

I'm pretty sure this is a hook for a picture rail, but it's more decorative than the typical hook.

I'm guessing this badge is from the 1964 or 1976 Winter Olympics in Innsbruck, Austria.

And this nice heart shaped item cam out in pieces.  The clasp appears to be designed for a bolo tie.

There are a few sellers that carry military items, and I find a lot of military buttons and  badges.  This USNR one has a screw on back rather than the typical pin back.

The most interesting item is this tiny hollow brass ball.  It's only 0.37" (9.3mm) diameter and the tinier captured ball is only 0.129" (3.28mm) diameter.  Both are made from formed brass.  The big ball (not a bell) has this stamped on it: "PAT. MAY 9. 11.".  I doubt this refers to a patent, so maybe it is a person's name and memorial date?

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