Tuesday, June 26, 2018

OMG, 18KT gold plated ring

June 26, 2018
I have been having good luck in the vendor parking area of  the flea market site, so I went back to that area again today.  About 10 minutes into it I pulled up this bling!  18KT gold electroplate - the stones don't test as diamonds.  Basically really nice costume jewelry!  It's a size 7 according to the ring sizer I just got, and weighs in at 0.078oz (2.29g).  Stamped 18KT G.E. (A) - the A is in a circle.  This is the second gold plated ring with fake diamonds I have found.  Gets my pulse racing every time - this is what keeps me going!

I also got the usual assortment of hardware, pull tab etc.

But I like the 1979 Hong Hong bronze nickel 50 cent piece with Queen Elizabeth the Second on the back.  I scraped it with the digging tool, but otherwise it's in pretty good shape.

And I seem to find a lot of these little cast metal animals, this is my second cat.  Not sure what they looked like originally, there is a hint of gold (paint?) on all of them.

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