Thursday, June 21, 2018

Gaudy bling ring and Indian Motorcycle badge

June 20, 2018
It was a slow day digging st the flea market today, lots of scrap and a few pennies until I found all the items above within a few minutes.  I realize that I have been spoiled by having this amazing location just a few miles from my home so I can just pop over there on a whim and dig any day.  I generally dig 5 days a week for an hour or 2 each time and fully expect to find really interesting stuff every time.

The US army unit crest pin is for the 18th support battalion.  I think it's gold plated brass with 2 pins on the back, one is broken off.

Then I hit a really strong signal in the soft dirt under one table where I had seen a guy selling jewelry and pins.  This is a nice vintage brass Indian Motorcycle badge, missing the pin back.  They are selling on eBay for about $7-12 intact.  I cleaned it up in my rock tumbler as it came out dull.

Then I got another really strong signal with a big footprint that I almost wrote off as can slaw or a whole flattened can.  Almost walked off, but went back over it and found this gaudy ring.  It looked like silver at first and is really heavy with a quartz stone, definitely got my pulse racing for a minute there!  I think it is chrome plated pot metal that is corroding in places where the plating has worn through.

After I pulled that out, there was still a strong signal.  Yes, I always check my holes and all around them before moving on.  It was just a dinged up fishing weight!  Gah!  I have pounds of lead scrap in a bucket I'm saving to be recycled.

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