Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Sterling ring and pirate treasure dug up at the flea market

June 19, 2018

Spent an hour or so digging under the tables at the flea market near me here in Maine.  I have been scouting the booths that have jewelry and small items, so I know where the best tables are.  Among the odd finds are a bent brass drawer pull, a nice brass lamp finial and an old style glass fuse.
On hot days it is nice to dig around in the shade under the tables.  I haven't bumped my head yet!  The dirt is soft and easy to dig down there.

It always seems to happen that when I'm about to give up, I find something really cool.  Today it was a really nice sterling ring marked 925.
This is a beauty in mint condition and weighs in at 0.123oz (3.4g).  I might try selling it on eBay.

Found yet another military button, this one is a U.S.M.A. CADET It is dinged on front with a bent back.

A nice Egyptian motif hat pin with a small blue glass(?) stone in it.  It's brass and may have been gold plated.

Among the pennies I got a thrashed 1957 wheatie and a 1996 Canadian one cent.  The find that capped the day was this cool "treasure" board game piece that Peter Hart in London, England helped me identify via Facebook:
If you look closely (I missed it) it says: "DREAD PIRATE" around the edge in the image on the right.  Peter sent me these pictures.  Thanks Peter! 👍😀

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