Sunday, June 24, 2018

Neato keeno! Captain Midnight medal of membership from 1940

June 24,2018
Neato, keeno.  Just when I was getting tired of digging up thrashed Lincoln pennies and junk at the flea market I came across this treasure.  A bronze 1940 vintage Captain Midnight Flight Patrol Medallion of Membership.  It features Captain Midnight and his sidekicks, Chuck Ramsay and Patsa Donovan on the back along with the password: "?COBRALHOFA?".  The bump in the middle let you use it as a decision spinner.  How cool is this?
These were made by the sponsor, Skelly oil as give-aways to augment the popular radio show.

There were other interesting finds as well:

2 Wheat pennies - a thrashed 1944 and a 1952 D in better shape:

This tiny silver cross pendant:

Another tiny Christian pendant.  (there must be a booth that sells a lot of Christian items because I have found a lot of this type of thing):

This baby locket pendant made from cheap plated pot metal is pretty beat up:

And finally a necklace that was a surface find dropped today by one of the sellers:

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