Monday, September 3, 2018

Digging my friend's yard - got my first Indian Head (in bad shape)

I have not been out detecting for a week due to bad weather and a bad back that required chiropractic treatment.  You know it's bad when you can't reach down to put your socks on!  But today my back has improved and the weather was tolerable - in the shade so I asked my friends Tom and Maret if I could dig on their property.  The land had been an apple orchard in the past and I'm looking forward to exploring the open field where the trees were, but it was too hot for that today so I stayed in the shade.

I don't want to give the impression that I always find  a lot of cool stuff, sometimes its mostly junk.  Today's haul included bits of rusty metal, some can slaw that was 8" down in the lawn and a rifle shell.  Some bits of brass that can be recycled and I did find $1.18 in coins mostly around where they park their cars.

I don't always show the rotted "stinkin' Lincolns", but here's a picture of the ones that I tossed today. The zinc goes fast once the copper plating get eaten through that really bad one id from 1989, and others are from the '80's.

The only notable find from over an hour of hunting was this 1892 Indian Head penny in pretty bad shape.
I'll go back when the weather cools off a bit, there seems to be a lot of signals that I didn't have the energy to dig today.

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