Saturday, April 18, 2020

3-lb cross pein hammer dug up in my garden!

I was bored this afternoon and decided to get out the metal detector and take a swing around my yard.  I worked around the garden beds thinking I might find coins spilled from pockets.  I got a really strong signal and started digging.  About 8" down I heard a "clink" of metal and as I started to open up the hole I saw rusty metal and assumed it was another piece of farm equipment scrap.  Digging around it I was unable to get it out until I realized it had an extension that wasn't being picked up by the metal detector.  So I trenched the hole out about a foot and eventually hauled this rusty old 3-lb cross peen hammer out. 

I know it isn't mine, so it has been there at least 19 years and was probably dropped by the construction crew that built my house in 2000.  It is in pretty good condition and the wood handle is still strong.  I ground off most of the rust and will let the handle dry out for a while before I try wrapping it with tape to make it more friendly to hold.  This will be a nice addition to my hammer collection!

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