Friday, May 8, 2020

Pocket watch dug on the Meeting House lawn

I haven't posted recently because I have been detecting on the town school property and not finding anything exciting.  Lots of gum wrappers, pull tabs etc.  I did get about $4 in coins over that last week or so though.  I call this my "Get Rich Slow Scheme".  It's nice to get out during the pandemic and do social distancing and enjoy the nice sunny spring days.

I am a Quaker and I help to maintain the Meeting House building and grounds and have been doing some garden maintenance for the last few days.  Today I decided to go over the lawn with my detector again.  In the past I had not found much, but the ground conditions are ideal - moist soil is more conductive so I can find deeper signals.

As I explored the lawn area I found several items that were over 8" down.  The best find was this pocket watch, I bet this was missed by the person who lost it!

Here are some closer pictures:

And I found this item that seems to be a brass button with the initials RMR with a C around them.

I also found a quarter and a few pennies.  Not bad for a half hour!


  1. The brass "button" is actually a button cover lost from the uniform of a Central Maine Railroad ( = CMRR) employee. The cover was placed over an actual button that held the clothing closed, and then the internal part of the cover was turned to hold it in place. This may have been for matters of practicality, as such an item would be easier to keep highly polished -- without the hazard of getting brass polish on the uniform itself (which would leave a green stain).

    Thanks for sharing your finds -- always interesting to see the objects that lie just beneath our feet, the ones we pass over daily, unaware.

    ~ Bruce B. in Bangor, ME


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