Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Restoring a splitting maul I found at a historic site

In metal detecting we often see "surface finds" - items just laying out in the open.  In this case I was exploring a historic site near my home that dated back at least 100 years.  Hidden against the brick wall of the building was this 8 pound splitting maul head with just a scrap of the original shaft remaining.  It was in great condition, this is what it looked like when I found it:
I'm guessing it is around 50 - 70 years old.

I decided to make a new shaft for it so I could use it for splitting my firewood.  I had an Ash board that I cut down the middle and glued up to make it thicker:

Then I cut and shaped the 32" handle on my band saw and belt sander:

I finished the handle and secured it to the head with a wedge I made from a scrap of rosewood.   (I pounded in the wedge with the 3lb cross pein hammer I dug up in my yard last week).  I put on a coat of linseed oil and went out to try it on some pine.  It works perfectly!  At 8 lbs this is a BEAST of a splitter!

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